Happy Thanksgiving

Good afternoon! If your day is anything like mine, you're at the point of tryptophan sleepiness and looking forward to a few minutes behind your eyelids! This Thanksgiving, like the rest I've celebrated, I have much to be thankful for. The list goes on and on

I believe that everyone of us choose to be thankful or not. Regardless of circumstance, we can all find things to add to our thankfulness list. We have the spark of life within us, that alone is reason for celebration! Today, and in the days to come, be thankful. It's so much better to look to what's good than focus on the negative.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving traditions. For me it's the start of the Macy's Day Parade on NBC, going through the Black Friday ads - even though I never shop Black Friday, and little times with family and friends. And pumpkin pie!

Today we enjoyed the afternoon watching Wall-E together. That and watching the kids "Rock Band" was plenty of joy and thanksgiving. God has blessed us as a family, nation & planet. Thanks God!