Adding to the Family

Christmas came a few days early for the Brower family this year.

Last week as I thought about what I wanted for my boys' gift for Christmas, I wanted to give them something that would last beyond the colorful paper, shiny box, or assembly instructions. The more I thought about this, the more I thought we should get them a pet. Not just any pet, but a dog! A Cockapoo puppy to be precise.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a dog fan. I've said "NO" to a dog in any non-stuffed form for years now. My boys know that we are not getting a dog. Or a pet for that matter. Too much work, too many issues. Dad doesn't like dogs!

So I told Danielle that I thought we should consider getting a Cockapoo puppy for Christmas this year. It didn't take much more than that. Within a few days we found a Cockapoo breeder and a puppy we wanted to visit. In the swirling wind and negative digit temperatures of this past Sunday afternoon, Danielle and I made the 2 hour trek to Albert Lea, MN to visit KNS Pups. The boys stayed with my parents in case we didn't find the puppy we were looking for.

But we found a cute and very calm male Cockapoo pup. I was pretty certain we would find the puppy we wanted, but seeing him in the mix of a handful of cute little Cockapoos cinched the deal. He was the right temperament and awfully cute! So we made the trip back home and surprised the boys with Lincoln.

Lincoln, or Link as we've been calling him, has fit right in. The boys are having a ball on "Poop Patrol", teaching him to fetch, and getting to know him. It's been a fun few days for Danielle and I too. We have much to learn, but celebrating Christmas with a gift that draws us together has been quite a treat!