So What Happened To February?

The month of February just sort of flew by. Pretty amazing that we're into March already! So what's been going on? Well, my world has pretty much went like this...

  • 6th: Finishing up the move to CO; my DirecTV, Quest phone and broadband was installed; I was supposed to close on my MN home sale but didn't
  • 7th: Went with the family to Garden of the Gods and Pike National Forest with the Schiff's and my parents; we climbed a rocky path up to what the boys called "Mount Lincoln" - it was a great day!
  • 8th: Took my parents and the boys to The Rock Church for the 1st time; We all enjoyed the services - after church Jonny announced, "I love that church!" to the rest of the family in the van; we all went to The Black-eyed Pea for lunch together - I had BBQ chicken and it was good!
  • 9th: My 1st day on-site with Solargreen; I went to the Denver Home & Garden Show with Joe and learned the basics of the SG product line.
  • 10th: Day 2 of SG; met with Lucas to learn more on the marketing needs of SG; worked on setup of various computer and IT needs; 2nd time that the closing of the house didn't happen; my Mom & Dad departed for a little CO R&R (they went to Estes Park)
  • 11th: Went to the Home & Garden show again and worked the SG booth on my own, nothing like jumping right into the fire!; mostly I made stuff up, but I think I was pretty close!
  • 12th: Spent most of the work day "moving in" to my office area at SG
  • 13th: Went to my final day of working the booth at the Home & Garden Show for the afternoon; took the Light Rail from the office into downtown - on the way home I forgot my Daytimer on the train, very bad news! I prayed for an honest person to find it and God answered. I rec'd a call from the train security on my way home and he even hopped on a train and met me at the closest station with it!; Danielle & I took the kids to The Rock for Parents Night Out - then we enjoyed a nice dinner at Cafe Lux!
  • 14th: I made breakfast for my Valentines (eggs, toast, bacon, etc); we had a nice day together for Valentines
  • 15th: Went to The Rock Church then Red Robin with the Schiff's (Joe, Laure, Lucas, Dawn & Isabelle) - we live so close to the church that when Lucas called to invite us to lunch we had already gotten home, out of the car and were almost ready with lunch! (We live about 2 minutes from church!)
  • 16th: Back to work at SG; Danielle & the boys started back with home school; still no closing on the house
  • 17th: Had to reorganize my SG office area to fit all the computer equipment; heard from an old friend, Ben, who was interested in getting some SG tech in his home and introduced me to a possible distributor of SG products
  • 18th: Started the day with prayer with SG guys; worked on the worst program I've possibly ever encountered - Dazzle
  • 19th: More messing with Dazzle; I'm pretty sure that it's faster to hand address 1,200 postcards than use Dazzle to do it!
  • 20th: Borrowed a video screen from AVI-SPL - that made the sales team pretty happy!
  • 21st: Went to Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings with the boys - quite an interesting little tourist trap, I can't imagine living with my whole family in a 8x10 room of rock!
  • 22nd: Danielle's birthday; we started off at the Rock Church - another good service; followed by lunch at home; the boys and I even baked a chocolate cake!; Danielle went to a scrapbook event at the church for a couple hours in the afternoon; the boys and I went for a bike ride and hung out at the park - really nice day!
  • 23rd: Worked on marketing plan with Lucas and the team; found out that our house in MN did sell on the 20th! Way to go God!
  • 24th: Went to the DMV to get a new CO license and tags for the Explorer - 2 1/2 hours, 5 locations and $225 and I was good to go!
  • 25th: Created a plan for email marketing this year; Danielle got us signed up at the Castle Rock Rec Center
  • 26th: Went in to SG for the morning and did a project review with Lucas; Danielle wasn't feeling well so I went home about noon and took the boys to the Rec Center; we had a great time at the leisure pool while Danielle rested
  • 27th: Spent the day on various mktg projects; went to the Rec Center with Danielle and the boys after dinner for a bit - more swimmin' fun!
  • 28th: Got up and running fairly early; went to the Castle Rock library - wow! Really cool automated library systems!; went to the Rec Center again, can't get enough swimming in!
  • 1st: Went to the Rock in the morning; home for a quick egg-salad lunch; took off down the road, through Sedalia and on to Connifer - the drive was amazingly beautiful! We stopped at the South Platte Trailhead and took a nice hike up mountain; ended the day at Red Robin - we had a great dinner and through Danielle's financial wizardry we got it all for $15!

So now you're up to speed! Not sure what all I missed. We had lots of little stuff that makes life fun and unexpected and full of challenge and joy. We're really enjoying life in Colorado. We miss all the friends and family back in Minnesota. This has been a good move for us and I'm looking forward to all that's ahead! God bless ya'll!


  1. How do you remember every single day? Do you have one of those little calenders like Gramma? I can't believe that you went to RR twice in one month and I wasn't invited either time. Lame.

  2. Top Secret files.

    You're always invited to RR!

  3. you must have a good record keeper..


Thanks so much!