Your Easter Chocolate Supports Slavery

I happened upon the headline above this morning in my daily dose of Google Reader.

I read the article (link below). It's heartbreaking, awful, we need to do something about this, kind of news.

Here's the thing, I'm torn on the "right" response. On one hand I say, "Abstain from the dark chocolaty goodness and support the revolution to end chocolate child slaves!" I don't want to see them forced into labor and lousy conditions so that my kids and I can benefit from the sugar high of cocoa treats. Stop the slavery! (Chant, chant, chant...)

On the other hand, what happens if I stop buying these treats and the big business candy companies stop buying the cocoa produced by the little guys? If my choice to do the "responsible thing" works, then what? Are the misguided souls forcing children to work for less than peanuts going to change and do the right thing? Will they (as today they are the ones providing care, awful as it is) become good providers when the money stops? Or will there be a new cash crop created to put the child labor force to work? Or worse, will they walk away, leaving the current generation to starve / die / be taken in by some other hungry leader?

I don't know the right thing to do, but I wonder, if we don't buy their chocolate...what happens to the children then? What do you think? Will I feel good for using my purchases, or lack of, to "make a difference" only to find the solution is as hollow as this week's chocolate bunny?

Here's the link to the article. After you read it, come on back and let me know what you think.

Your Easter Chocolate Supports Slavery
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