More Than Enough


No really...wow!

I'm not sure if you've noticed but there are some really fantastic things happening right now.

In just a few days, my bride and I will be joining five others and traveling to Swaziland, Africa. If you've seen us on Facebook or follow my bride's blog at all you are already well aware! Seriously, it's been a 3 month, all-out, fund-raising bonanza going on. Join us in the journey!

In June we put out the call for assistance. We asked that friends and family and anyone else with a pulse get connected with our upcoming mission trip. We didn't know what to expect, or who to call. We were just excited about what God's put on our heart, and hoped that some of you might be too.

Three months later and, oh baby, have you ever delivered!

I'm reminded of the biblical account of God's people constructing their first, mobile, tabernacle - a very cool tent for God to meet with them in, kinda like a church, but different. I Google'd "tabernacle offerings" and found the passage in the Old Testament, Exodus 35 & 36.

In chapter 35 Moses puts the word out to the Israelite community. In 35:5 he says, "Everyone who is willing to bring an offering to the Lord..." He goes on to further explain the various needs of the vision for the tabernacle.

In the rest of the chapter and beginning of the next, we read some of the details and the people's response to this call to action.

I have always been amazed by what takes place in the first verses of Exodus 36.

It's really cool!

The craftsmen are doing their thing. And then an issue pops up that they need addressed. They go to Moses and basically say, "Listen, we're trying to work here, but everyone keeps bringing us supplies and stuff. They have brought more than enough. Would you make them stop it already?!"

Okay, that's a paraphrase...but I think that's how it went down.

There was more than enough! Catch a vision for that.

So why am I so excited about this?

Because tonight I've experienced a similar abundance firsthand.

This afternoon as we were packing our 8 suitcases for Swaziland, jamming them full as possible for the trip, we realized that you have brought in more than enough! All those who have responded so lovingly, so lavishly, and so generously have filled our trip to overflowing. We cannot fit any more in!

That's awesome!

This evening we had the bittersweet experience of turning away some of your gifts. In that moment we were blown away. We realized once again how blessed we truly are. From here on out we are only able to accept financial gifts as we can't carry anything more. It's a really great problem to face.

Thank you for listening to our constant barrage of fund-raising ideas and requests. Thank you for being willing. Thank you for responding. Thank you for opening your heart to the needs of the orphan and widow in Swaziland. Thank you for trusting us with your gifts. We hope to bring them, and the love you've put into them, to a people in need of hope.

Thank you for allowing God to use you to bring in more than enough!

We may never know the extent of blessing that will come from your giving. I hope that we will be able to share many wonderful stories of God's hand at work in the coming weeks. But no matter how great those stories may be, I'm so thankful that we have already been able to partner together and see more than enough before the trip even begins.

To God be all the glory for the good He is doing!


  1. Thank you and Danielle for doing what so many of us only talk about! I can't wait to hear and see and share in your amazing trip.

    More than enough is a wonderful thing, and the extras can hopefully find their way to other kids in your area who can use a little leg up.

  2. Thanks PBS! We are very thankful for the opportunity to go and be part of this mission.

    I've been so encouraged by the support. I think that many hearts are being blessed both in giving and receiving.

    My encouragement to all is to find your call. Perhaps it's Swaziland orphans, or perhaps it's the family living across the street from you.

    We all have a supply to give...just need to let it out!

    Good thoughts on the local giving too! Thanks!

  3. So true, Mike! And I can see that you have a teacher's heart, just like my man. It will be so good to get to know you and Danielle for real over the next couple of weeks.

    See you two SOON!!!!


Thanks so much!