True Minnesota Fun with a Trip Down Memory Lane

Today our family was able to experience some real Minnesotan fun! We spent the afternoon on frozen Lake Ida fishing for crappies in 20 degree weather. The lake was frozen over with about 24" of very solid ice. It was good enough to drive the family mover, our Ford Explorer, out to a friends fish house. I'm never real sure of myself when it comes to driving a 2,000 lb vehicle out on a lake, but today there were no concerns as we made our way to the fishing hole.

We met up with several of my siblings, nieces, nephews, and my parents for what turned into a 21 member fishing party on the ice! It was a good time together...even though we never found the fish! Dad brought a grill to cook up some hot dogs, along with a few bags of chips, some hot cocoa, and a few handfuls of candies to snack on. The kids had a great time tromping around in the snow and dropping lines in the fishing holes in search of the big catch. It was a good time to share with one another!

Following our fishing adventure, we drove home through Silver Creek, Minnesota. We hadn't been through there in awhile. Today we took a few minutes to show the boys a very special place in the marriage of Danielle & I...the church where we were married. Today it's called Silver Creek Community Church. Almost 16 years ago, June 17, 1995, there was a "Reformed" somewhere in the name. And Danielle Suzanne Gossett blessed me beyond words by taking me as her lawfully wedded husband and becoming Danielle Suzanne Brower. I'm forever humbled by her wonderful gifts to me!

Today we stopped by the church building for the first time since that day in 1995. Other than the name change, the rest of the building looks about the same...except for the lone air conditioning unit I spied in the office window!

For those who were there, or stood by us that day, thank you for your continued support of our marriage. We are thankful for you and all that we have been blessed with these past years. Looking forward to the next stage of the adventure!

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