Wednesday Afternoon Rundown

* I appreciated Seth Godin's advice to make big plans. It's easy to be caught up in "barely enough" thinking. I want to think big & dream bigger! Check out Make Big Plans.

* I went for a run with my dog, Lincoln, today. Link's a terrible running partner. He constantly pulls on his leash, either forward or to one side or the other. I'd wear roller blades except he'd pull me in the ditch! (I'm sure he's asking himself how he ever got strapped to an anchor like me too.) Does anyone know good ways to train my dog to walk or run alongside me without pulling on his leash?

* Todd Smith has been writing constant inspiration and encouragement for awhile now. I ran across this article full of practical questions to ask myself in preparing any sort of presentation. Pretty sensible stuff, but easy for me to forget when I'm putting a presentation together. Enjoy! Little Things Matter, Todd Smith // 10 Key Elements of a Persuasive Presentation

* I'm looking for some advice. Anyone having success with the new Sparrow Mail App for Mac & Gmail? Is it worth $10? I tried the beta but quit using it because I found out too late that several draft emails were not sent and only the first line of text was saved. I had to re-write several emails in regular Gmail (online interface). I like the online Gmail, but I'm fond of the UI for Sparrow too. Any reviews to share?

What caught your fancy today?



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