Thanks For The Great Birthday!

Mike with some of the beautiful Swazi children in Sept '10
You all have been great about sharing your happy wishes for my birthday today. It's really been good to feel the Facebook love. I've been especially happy that the weather has been so fantastic too!

Today as I sat down to attempt to write some thank-you's I was distracted by the rumor of unrest in Swaziland. As most of you are probably aware, Swaziland has become a special place for my wife, Danielle, and I over the past couple of years. I did a quick search to find out more as I haven't heard much about what's happening right now.

What I quickly found is that there is significant political turmoil happening in this small kingdom. People are hurting, and being hurt, as they attempt to express their concerns and fears. I know very little about what the "right" outcome of these things should be. The American in me thinks that democracy should rule, but I'm not geo-politically savvy enough to say how that should come to place, or when.

My heart goes out to these hurting people. I read this story of Swaziland unrest on the New York Times website. There's so much happening there. People are being treated poorly, there's very little money to go around, there's not much hope for jobs, or good methods for improving these conditions.

Today, if you're thinking of me and wishing me well...Thank You! My wish and prayer is that you would also think of the people of Swaziland, say a prayer for them, and wish them well. Find a way to support the people, especially the children, of this small kingdom. If you need any assistance there, I know of some great ways to be a support! Get in touch.

You can read the NYT article here: http://nyti.ms/SwazilandUnrest

Be a blessing to someone today...you are to me.

Thanks again for the wonderful day!

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