Be Patient...Spring Is Coming!

This morning I was reminded that change is on the way. It's the one constant we can all count on in life.

Life may look dormant, like winter will not cease, but I need to be patient because spring is coming.

This past Saturday our family was blessed to spend a bit of time suppressing our environment (mowing the lawn, raking out weeds from the garden, and watering the trees).

I was concerned about our two Honeycrisp trees. We had planted them last May when we moved into our new home. This year they looked like two dead sticks stuck in the ground. I asked my son, Jonny, to give them a good, long drink from the hose.

This morning I was happy to see new life on the ends of several branches! Overnight new buds had appeared right before us. I cheered to the family and we all peeked out the rain soaked windows spying for buds on both trees. And there they were! Both have lived through the long winter. They may have looked dead, but they just needed a bit more time. They needed a little more water and a taste of sunshine. And Spring has come to our apple trees!

I thought about my own life and those times of winter. I often feel that I'm in one of those long, cold, winters lately. The storms are brewing. It's a challenge to see through the dark fog at times. And the wait often seems to be a longer than I'd like. This morning's reminder was good for me!

Spring is coming. A new day is on the horizon. Life continues to change and grow. Seasons change. Even though I cannot always see the life around me, it's there. It's growing. And one day, new growth will appear!

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  1. AMEN! Preach it Brother! "Hope that will not disappoint.."


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