Around 10 AM yesterday morning the B-Team arrived at Mangwaneni Carepoint. As the van pulled into the driveway I saw the 6' barbed wire fences surrounding the small building and cooking area on one side of the bus. Across the street was the current city trash dump.

Our team was greeted by a dozen or so boys and girls who smiled, waved, and cheered our arrival. As I stepped off the van a young boy, barefoot wearing an orange tee shirt and shorts quickly took my hand and led me to he entrance of the fenced area.

From there I had a full day of singing, laughing, teasing, chasing, being chased, playing, and simply being with the children at Mangwaneni.

I was super impressed with the B-Team's ability to jump right in to the day. Within moments of exiting the van each team member quickly connected with the children. In the midst of physical despair, the team and children filled the air with laughter and joy.

Throughout the day I saw fresh smiles from the kids and the team. There were bits of chaos, great stories, and moments that shook our heads. Like wondering why a hip is suddenly wet, and warm?!

As our day at Mangeaneni closed, I saw the team had connected well. The children and staff from the Carepoint were not anxious to depart. Even in waiting for a replacement set of keys for those that had been locked in a car the children played and wanted to share their lives.

As I rode away from day 1 I was thankful for our 2011 B-Team. They continue to exceed expectations each day.

As we go into a new day, please pray for the team and I.

Pray for effective ministry times today.

Pray for the gifts we have brought to bring glory to God and draw hearts to Him.

Pray for the long-term plan and leadership of Mangwaneni Carepoint to be perfectly positioned.

Pray for continued safety for all involved as there are ongoing issues with the public transit strike and riots that have happened in Manzini this week. The team has been safe, but closer than expected to the action.

Thank you for your prayers.

Blessings and love to you all!

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  1. Awesome! Beautiful pictures! It looks like pure joy!


Thanks so much!