PFD: Twilight Edition...

Wednesdays are my Personal Fun Days (PFDs). I get to share bits and pieces that make me smile, and hopefully you too.

Today is my late night, Breaking Dawn Edition.

You see, tomorrow is a big day for a several ladies around here. There's a little movie coming out about an undead guy and an uncoordinated gal. They have all sorts of adventures as newlyweds. I'm sure it's the typical stuff...finding a new apartment, picking out furnishings, meeting the neighbors, birthing some sort of demon spawn that I'm totally guessing on but seems plausible...you know, the usual stuff.

It would be much more entertaining for me if this was a real clip:

What's even better for me is that this video is the first organic search result for "Breaking Dawn" on youtube.com! Fantastic!

These are pretty boss too!

To all the Twilight fans out there...God bless ya! Have a great time tomorrow.

I'll be home watching reruns of Cheers...thank God!

Jesus loves you,


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