First Things First, Have I Planted My Fields?

First plant your fields; then build your barns. ~ Proverbs 24: 27 (The Message)

I get worn out building my barns, and I neglect planting my fields. I've been working in reverse!

It's logically obvious to plant first, but I often revert to the comfort of barn-building, rather than engage myself in the challenging work of field planting.

In business: am I focused on creating the best office, equipment, and personnel, or on generating sales to highly satisfied customers?

Creatively: Am I outfitting my perfect studio, or producing art that I'm proud of?

If I'm not actively creating on a regular basis, then I'm not focusing on the real needs required for growth.

My prayer this morning is that I would recognize the fields that I need to plant, and that I'd courageously engage in the work required to plant them.

I also pray that I'd be able to actively disengage from those activities that distract me from planting.

Am I putting first things first?

1) What areas in life do I hope to see growth? Financial, Relational, Professional, Spiritual, Educational, Physical, etc

2) In those areas I hope for growth: am I, or have I been, field-planting or barn-building?

If my goal is a physical improvement through weight loss - have I been running three of the past five days (field-planting), or have I been purchasing new shoes, shorts, and shirts for when I get time to go run (barn-building)?

If my goal is to live in financial freedom - have I established a budget and limited my spending on non-essentials (field-planting), or have I ordered a Dave Ramsey course to study someday (barn-building)?

I can see I've done plenty of barn-building in areas of my life. I desire to plant more fields.

How about you?

Are you planting fields, or building barns?

What areas do you hope for growth?

What are your strategies for growing them?

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