Christians and Halloween: Gasoline and Matches?

Christians and Halloween.

Sometimes these two go together like gasoline and matches! This article is good (link below). Authored by a dad of toddlers, his young parent concerns come through a bit.

The following line was so much deeper for me than anything else he said:

"Because we’re all a little insecure over whether our decisions were right or not, we tend to attack anyone who decided differently from us."

Isn't that a core cause for so many of the battles between people and groups?

We feel criticized by a family member or friend and find ourselves in a whirlwind of conflict.

Or we see a neighbor with a yard sign supporting a candidate we disagree with, and rather than ever have a rational, civil, conversation perhaps agreeing to disagree, we instead write them off as a right-wing nutbag or left-wing radical, never having spoken a word. 

God forgive us. Forgive me. 


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