Be Kind

“You insult your Maker when you exploit the powerless; when you’re kind to the poor, you honor God.”
Proverbs 14:31 MSG

I want to honor God.

There is controversy surrounding exploitation of the poor. I don't pretend to understand all the geopolitical or economic issues involved, but as I type away these thoughts on the virtual keyboard of my iPhone, I wonder how I maybe exploiting the poor in this very moment? There's a chance I would be upset by the conditions under which this very device was manufactured. I'm fairly certain I would not want to exist in the conditions of its origins. It could be argued that I'm guilty of exploiting the poor and insulting God in this very moment. God help me!

It's a sensitive and challenging issue. How do I live in a way that honors God, shows kindness to the poor, and still participate in living in this modern America?

I tend to lean on the crutches of "intent" and "awareness."

Intent is my posture toward others. Have I honored God by treating others with honor, care, kindness, and respect? I slip up but my intent is good. The other day I had a call with someone who speaks English as a second language. As the call stretched on I could feel my frustrations turn into anger. In that moment I was thankful to remember there was a human on the other end of the line and other side of the world. I was thankful that in that instance I was able to hold my tongue and continue in kindness. I'm not always able though.

Awareness is my other prop. God knows how to bring us to the point of conviction on an issue. If we are open to his direction, he will lead us to the places we need to see and impact. I believe he knows how to reveal the realities we need to see and impact of we lean on him to do so and commit to live with our eyes open to his direction. I believe this is how he moved me to focus on Swaziland since 2009. He opened my eyes through Children's HopeChest to a great need. It was then up to me to be obedient or not.

Be kind today. Focus on your intent and awareness. Honor God. 

Blessings today and always! –M

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