Can You Tell a Trail from a Tumbleweed?

“So now you can pick out what’s true and fair, find all the good trails! Lady Wisdom will be your close friend, and Brother Knowledge your pleasant companion. Good Sense will scout ahead for danger, Insight will keep an eye out for you. They’ll keep you from making wrong turns, or following the bad directions Of those who are lost themselves and can’t tell a trail from a tumbleweed, These losers who make a game of evil and throw parties to celebrate perversity, Traveling paths that go nowhere, wandering in a maze of detours and dead ends.”
Proverbs 2:9-15 MSG

Let's trust in Wisdom & Knowledge to lead us this new year. The detours & dead ends aren't our final destination. We aren't meant to be lost in a maze, we are meant to live in amazement over God's love and care for every moment.

Let's allow ourselves to be led by God. Let's follow Jesus on the path he's set ahead for us. Let's live in love and harmony with ourselves and each other. Let's pursue Christ's passion and become wholly his this year.

When we feel lost and alone, let's turn to Jesus then too. Let's be honest and real in a healthy desire for Jesus to enter the hard places and do the real work of making us whole. Let's use real as a tool to become all of who Jesus made us to be. Let's not allow real to become an excuse for living a limited life stuck in hard places.

Let's let Jesus in today. Let's follow Wisdom & Knowledge. Let's turn from following any lost losers who'd like to lead us into another dead end. Let's live!

Blessings today & always! –M

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