“GOD ’s name is a place of protection— good people can run there and be safe.”
Proverbs 18:10 MSG

We wake up feeling the ache. Another day. Another week. Another new beginning but we'd rather pull the blankets close and lie in slumber than begin. In our cocoon of sleep we feel safe and warm and able to be free of the cares this day may bring. Reality may bite and we may not be up for the challenge. The ache is real on Monday mornings.

God is there with us today! His name is our strength, our safety, our protection. We're encouraged to run to him today. Run to him and be safe! That warmth we long for is found in him. Our hearts long to be safe and known. Run to God who knows each of us and all of us. Be safe in his Strong Tower!

Blessings today and always! –M

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