Stay Sharp!

“You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.”
Proverbs 27:17 MSG

Who are you sharpening? Who is sharpening you?

I'm thankful for the many friends who sharpen me in this life. I need ya! In my case I'm doubly blessed because most of my best friends are also my family. We love and support one another, and occasionally keep each other sharp too.

What does it mean to sharpen one another? Some may say it's correcting and pointing out the flaws of another. Perhaps, but I'd like to offer another view.

When the steel of a blade is dull, it's often due to use. Tiny bits of wear and tear cause the edge of a blade to roll over just slightly and build into a burr. Instead of a keen, straight, sharp blade the metal is rounded and blunt or dull.

It takes care to correctly sharpen a dull edge. The blade is worked against a sharpening stone with concern, slowly returning the rolled burr to its original shape. When steel is used to sharpen steel it's done so to repair and make useful that dull blade.

I think we can be like that too. I think we can sharpen our friends when they're worn and dull. I think we can be sharpened by our friends when we're worn and dull too.

Be an encourager to your friends today! Help them to be sharp! Help them to be whole again! Fill them up with kindness and joy and peace and love. Sharpen them up.

And be sharpened by your friends too! Let them in. Enjoy them! Receive their love and hope and laughs and care. Take pleasure in one another. Love each other well!

Stay sharp!

Blessings to you, today and always! –M

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