"One of the best questions you can ask when something negative happens is this:

What does this experience make possible?

Do you see the shift? Suddenly, your attention moves from the past—which you can't do a thing about—to the future."

[Above from "Living Forward" by Hyatt & Harkavy, page 39]

I read this bit in chapter two last night and it's stuck in my head yet this morning. So often I've asked why something happens, and I find it's easy to get stuck in why-mode. 

I'm learning to ask, "What's next?" I want to grow to ask, "What's possible?"

Possibility is a seed of hope.

Possibility is a flicker of light in a pit of darkness.

Possibility is the first bit of dawn creeping over the horizon after a cold, dark, miserable night. 

When everything's fallen apart and it feels like you'll never be whole again, maybe ask yourself, "What does this (really awful hard circumstance) make possible?" Allow the answer to be a catalyst of hope in the midst of your storm.

Blessings today and always! –M

(I received a pre-release copy of "Living Forward" in exchange for my review of the book. I think you'd like it if you like resources for self-improvement. You'd especially like it if you're apt to goal-setting! And you may find it very useful if you've struggled, like me, with going beyond setting goals and actually implementing steps toward completion. 

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