I've never been to Nigeria...

I rec'd the following e-mail the other day...

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From: ulmer Williams [mailto:ulmer_williams@web.de]

Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 7:28 PM

To: datura@haus.net

Subject: From Barrister Williams.......

Dear Mr Brower,

It is my pleasure contacting you now, as I have longed to get in touch
with anybody who knew Mr Michael Brower I am Barrister Ulmer York
Williams, a solicitor at law. I am the personal Attorney To Mr. Michael
Brower, a citizen of your country, On the 21st of April 1997, my client
died along with his family on the 01 FEB 1997 in a plane crash, the
aircraft name is Hawker Siddeley HS-748-353 Srs.2A.This crash happened
in Tambacounda (Senegal) in Africa, and the registration number of the
aircraft is6AV-AEO.Two years before this crash, Michael Brower,who is an
oil prospector in the oil rich Niger delta region, deposited the sum of
thirteen million five hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($13.52usd),
with a bank in Nigeria. This fund has remained unclaimed since the crash
occurred. Since then, there had not been any trace of claim from any
person as the fund remains dormant ever since. Although, I kept this
information secret within my jurisdiction to enable me put claims and
transfer the said amount through a trustworthy friend overseas whom I
shall give all information and guidance towards retrieving this funds as
the next of kin, for a more useful and profitable project. it is
expected that the transaction will run for 12-13 working days, so your
immediate reply is needed and interest highly indicated for proper
procedures to commence.The ratio of sharing the funds shall be
35%-60%.the 5% shall be for expenses incurred during transaction. Your
reply will be needed as to tell you, how to contact the bank for claims.

Consider this and get back to me.

Thanks for your co-operation sincerely and please contact me through my
private email

Best regards

U. Y. Williams (Esq.)

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Thinking this sounded like a great deal, I responded...

Dear Mr. Williams,

I am very sad to hear the news of my death in 1997. It was a very
difficult year for my family and I as you can imagine. I do not recall
flying on the Hawker Siddeley in February, but that is probably due to
the shock and trauma of the crash. It is comforting to know that I was a
very wealthy man and have that you have been able to hold on to my funds
for the past 9 years.

While I do not recall being in Nigeria or prospecting for oil in 1995, I
am quite pleased to hear I was successful. I am looking forward to the
return of my funds in the very near future as $13,520,000 will come in
quite handy. I am in need of some dental work, and possibly some facial
reconstruction. Being dead for the past 7 years has really taken its
toll on my looks. Thankfully you informed me of my death as I thought I
was dealing with severe acne.

Do you know if my family or I suffered a great deal in the days between
February 1, 1997 and April 21, 1997? I would hate to think we were
agonizing during that time. As my personal attorney you must have
stopped in to see us. Did I say anything? Was I horribly disfigured?
What about my family? After our death did we have a proper burial and
Christian ceremony? Did you send flowers?

As I said previously, I am glad to hear the news that you have retained
access to my funds. As my attorney I ask that you quickly take care of
this matter so that my funds can be returned. Please contact me with the
name of the banking institution and account information so that I may
retrieve these funds. Upon the complete recovery of my funds I will
issue a check to you to cover the fees and expenses associated with this

I will expect the full $13,520,000 plus 6% interest per year for 9
years. I will share 15% of the original amount with you to cover your
expenses and services. Again, this will be payable upon successful
completion of our transaction.

Thank you in advance for your services!

Sincerely (from the afterlife...)

Michael Brower

I think Ulmer may have been confused by my response...

--- ULmer Williams wrote:

hello Mr Brower,
compliments of the day and thank you for your urgent reply
i love to ask you a question,do you know that different people can
answer the same in diiferenrt location.
I need your answer.
thank you.

So I clairified...

----- Original Message -----
From: Michael Brower
To: ULmer Williams

Subject: Re: From Barrister Williams.......
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 09:07:34 -0800 (PST)

Hello Elmer,

Today is a good day I look forward to seeing you send I get my account
information very soon. I was unaware that you had kept my funds with
different people in seperate locations. This will cause transactions to
take longer I assume, but was probably a good idea. What if there had
been a fire? I would have lost all of my funds. It was good of you to
think of using more than one location.

Please forward me contact info and account numbers for all of the
locations and I will make arrangements for the transfer of funds. I will
need to contact the appropriate agencies in Heaven to do this so the
sooner I start the better.

I look forward to your promptness in this matter as my dental work is in
desperate need. I have also recently found my family (it took some
digging, but they've been here next to me the hole time it appears!) -
they are also in need of some repair and I'd like to get started right

Thanks again!

I need air...


Barri Wms. Wasn't getting it apparently...

--- ULmer Williams wrote:

hello Mr Brower,
please i beg you ,dont joke with my business ok.
thank you
nice of you.

So I clarified some more...

--- Michael Brower wrote:

Dear Mr. Willy,

How would you like me to proceed? I am quite interested in finding out
how you rec'd my name and address for contact. I am also very interested
in collecting any monies due to Michael Brower as that is me.

If I died in the plane crash, then I think it's unfortunate that you are
trying to collect on my misfortune. I don't care for being dead very
much and would like to make the best of it with my $13,520,000 plus

I am not joking with your business as I don't fully understand what your
business is. You contacted me to tell me of monies that needed to be
returned to Michael Brower. I am Michael Brower. Please contact me with
the appropriate account information so that I may transfer the said
funds at my choosing.

Gravely serious,

Michael Brower

Barry quit responding so today I tried to jog business just a bit...

Barry Willy,

I have not heard back from you so I assume you are trying to abscond
with my funds. This is very cruel I think and I wish you had never
gotten my hopes up. $13,520,000 plus interest is a great deal of money,
especially for a dead guy! I had high hopes, but alas I am forced to go

Please let me know what has happened. Maybe next time I can pose as an
attorney and try to rip you off! Let me know when a good time for this
would be. I am free for the better part of eternity. If I can ever be of
service in attempting to separate you from all the money in your
account, that would be great.

My advise is that you start to mind your own business rather than trying
to scam others through stories of death and hopes of easy money. Your
business is a joke, it's illegal in every nation I am aware of, and the
fact that you're still trying to pass off this scam reveals how lazy and
dishonest you have become. Get a job Barry Elmer Willy (Esq.)!

urgent reply I need answer.
nice day.

~ Michael Brower

End of story so far!!!


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