Jonny - the artist

I'm sitting in the basement photo office while my son, Jonny, cries because I handed him the wrong writing utensil. Wrong in that it was a pen, not the pencil that he saw and I said he couldn't have. He's been whining "Mom, Mah, Ma!" for several minutes now and I no longer care about the pencil that he's crying for. I'd just soon he stopped - so I gave him the pencil. Apparently this satisfied him for about 6 seconds (maybe 7).

Rather than sit and draw on the paper for awhile, he proceeded to make a bunch of scribbles on a couple pieces, then spit on them until there was a sufficient puddle to smear the pencil lead. He then set the pencil on on piece of paper, and smashed the other piece on top of it, crumbled the whole thing in a ball and set the soppy mess on my desk! It appears he's a misunderstood artist of sorts.

"Mom, Mah, Ma!" has started again and Mommy has come to the rescue. (Thanks Mommy!) I still don't know what or why Jonny was crying, but now he's calm and collected and back upstairs eating pretzels.

I love you Jonny.

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