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It's early AM & I'm sitting at the kitchen table thinking about work & needing a mental break. I should head to bed but I thought I'd take a few and write a little update. It's been almost 2 months after all - surely there's a few things that I haven't mentioned!

We've kept plenty busy with work & life & kids & stuff & all that goes along with it. There's lots going on for Danielle & I & the boys lately - so much so that I have little time for updates. Since my last update I've been to Colorado, Georgia, San Francisco, & Georgia again. Danielle has done a great job holding down the fort while I've been gone. The boys continue to get bigger, louder and faster!

Andy's started preschool and really doing good. He came home last week and recited "The Pledge of Allegiance" - very cool. I was quite proud of him and have been having him recite it to almost everyone he comes in contact with. We have it on video so I'll try to send it out or post it somewhere at some point.

Jonny's doing good too. He really likes following his big brother around and playing with him whenever possible. They do really well together lately. Jon's a little more quirky some days - he's taken to lining up the shoes by the front door. They end up perfectly aligned in a semi-circle with all the edges touching!

We took the boys to the MOA a couple weekends ago and they picked up their first set of real legos - not the fake really big duplo blocks they've been playing with. Both of them have spent much time creating lego dogs and cars and guns and towers and anything else they can come up with. It's been lots of fun!

This weekend has kind of been for dad and the boys. It's been fun! Danielle went to the Wheel of Fortune tryouts on Saturday - ask her for details, but she had lots of fun. The boys and I hung out at home for the morning and then went to MG for a bit. We picked up a couple journals and some things and then went to the park - the one with the "Super Slides" as Andy likes to call them. It was just a really nice time with them. A great fall afternoon for the 3 of us. Afterwards we went to Grandma's for awhile and met up with Danielle there.

On Sunday we made it to church right on time for the 9:30 service - except that one starts at 9:00! We decided to wait it out for the 10:30 rather than go in late and all worked out fine. Afterwards I had a quick photo shoot in Monticello, went home for a quick nap, then Andy & I went into CES for the wrestling practice. It was fun going out with Andy as we haven't been able to do much together lately. He's really growing up fast and probably needing more "daddy time" then in the past. We hung out and watched the practice for a couple hours, got home late and went to bed.

Tonight the boys were together again as Danielle went out with some girlfriends. We went back up to CES and worked on a few things together. It was nice to hang out with them a little once again. They really are starting to play together well. I'm appreciative of that! Andy's started to "get" the idea of cooperation - even when he doesn't want to. When he's really in tune with that he starts responding to Danielle & I with "Yes, Daddy." or "Yes, Mommy." when we ask something of him. He has no idea (though we try to encourage him in it) how much we appreciate him and love when he is able to work with us rather than fight us over the decisions we make. It sounds silly as I type - but when you have to force a 4-year old to obey, it really does require a great deal of energy!

Anyhow, I've had a good weekend with the boys. It's been fun! (Pretty cool in my book.)

Other fun things that are going on...

Danielle & I are working together again. So far it's been pretty good. Danielle is working as sort of a caretaker/facility manager to a sports training facility that we are helping to open in Rogers. It's called Competitive Edge Solutions Network (future website - www.cesnetwork.com) and will be involved in the training and development of athletes young and old. We're starting off with wrestling and baseball training, but will likely be moving into a wide realm of sports and health related fields. It's been lots of work, but we're pretty excited about everything. More to come on that subject...

Danielle and I get to visit Colorado together later this month. Should be lots of fun - especially if we get to see some of the snow they're getting out there right now.

We're churchless it seems right now. We have not been to Open Door in several months. We have visited a church in Rogers a couple of times (like 2 of the last 8 or so weeks!) that we're not real sure about yet, but we do like the people we've met so far. It's pretty weird actually, but I guess it's just where we're at right now. God knows what's next!

Not much happening on the photography front, but I'm liking it that way. Life it too occupied with other things right now and I just don't seem to be able to keep the interest up. Oh well...

Can't think of anything else right now, must be getting tired! Later...

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