Snow Daze

As I started to write my 2 year old is at my feet saying "You be the
Mommy!" This would be a little disconcerting, except to him that just
means I put on Danielle's house shoes! If I just do that then all is
well in his world. I'm home today, the last working day of the year,
as Danielle's not feeling well at the moment. We've spent the past
week trading sickness unfortunately (between us and the boys - and
lots of extended family too from the sounds of it). I think the worst
is over now, so that's encouraging.

Life has been pretty good all around (sickness aside). We had
Christmas Eve with the family at our house this year. I think that's
actually the first Christmas we've done. I was surprised, but that's
just the way it's worked out. We were going to do Christmas the first
year we moved into the house, but I had a bout with sickness then too
and it didn't work out. Anyhow, we had a fun night with everyone, too
many gifts and toys to handle, but quite blessed all the same. I
think the kids had a blast and they all played really well together -
the adults did pretty well too!

Danielle & I have kept busy with a variety of activities, mostly work
related, over the past months. She's been doing as much as she can
with Competitive Edge (www.cesnetwork.com). Some weeks that's a
little and some a lot, but I think she likes it for the most part.
They have quite a bit going on these days with a few different groups
and activities happening. She's able to be home with the boys too
which is good for all of them.

Andy & Jonny are active as ever. They are running around the house
today playing Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys - 2 of their favorite
Christmas gifts this year. We've got "The Iron Giant" on tv and at
the same time Jonny's having me play Big & Rich on my iPod for him to
listen. Now they're both here listening to "the drum song" (Big &
Rich's "Love Train")!

Time for naps and I need to get them to bed. More later.

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