Day 12,840 - check!

Impressed by my friend Wes' post, today I calculated the duration of my life on this Papa-created orb...12,840 days in the books. Fortunately, I can say the good days far outnumber the bad! Papa blesses me and I am ever thankful.

Tonight I was blessed again as my bride shared with me her own particular blessings from this evening. I won't tell her story for her, only my brief role in it...

Today's plan was a flurry of activities. Starting with church as a family, followed by watching a bicycle race, then off to finish up a tradeshow for work. All of this meant time in the car both with and without the family, ending my day apart from them to clean up at the show.

This afternoon a storm system rolled through Colorado's front range and resulted in skipping the bicycle race, and a pass from the tradeshow activities - thanks for covering team! This also allowed us to attend the final service of onething at The Rock. Unfortunately there wasn't a great option for the boys, so it really just meant one of us could go.

Honestly, 9 times out of 10, I would have picked myself to go to the service leaving Elle home with the boys. This afternoon, I was strongly impressed that Elle should go, not me. We talked, and that's what we did.

After the service, Elle came home and really blessed me with a recap of the service. She was personally ministered to and was able to share a brief testimony as well - hopefully for the blessing of others! I am thoroughly thankful for all that Papa's doing in our lives.

And so, with day #12,840 down, I'm looking forward to day 12,841.

Lead on Papa!

[By the way, I intend to make it to day #36,581...only 23,741 more days to go!]

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