onething: enlarge my heart

Papa, keep it up! I once again am reminded of Dancing in Flames and Your desire to walk with us through this life. Through the joys and the tears, through the victories and the fears. It's about the journey with you Papa. Step by step through the fire. Thank you that you walk with me and with all of us. You are here. Thank you Papa.

Our capacity for life is so limited that the sandbox toys of Hollywood seem to fill us. We need Papa to enlarge the capacity of our heart so that the world can't possibly fill it and we need Papa's life to live.

Enlarge my heart Papa. Make me so hungry that I cannot be satisfied by this life. Tear me open that I might only be filled by you. Enlarge my heart Papa.

I wrote these words today as I listened to Corey Russell minister at The Rock during the Sun AM service of onething. Papa's at work in me these days - and hopefully in you too. Each day I seem to grow in awareness of His desire to be with us - to really be present in our moments.


  1. Corey is one of the greatest guys on this earth; I'm glad that you got to hear him. Did he tell you his testimony? Did you see Kate at that Onething?

  2. We were encouraged, challenged & blessed by Corey's testimony. I found myself making notes of what he'd say, just before he said it - very connected moments! I don't know if we saw Kate or not. I'm not sure who she would have been. Only other name I recall was Luke Wood (musician). The backup guitar player looked like Ashton Kutcher - we felt a little Punk'd!

  3. that's funny. You are guys were at Ihop... Luke was in my internship. Kate was my COM leader and I was in her wedding, she came a visited once a long time ago when Mom and Dad were at the Preserve. and she is prego, but I haven't seen her that way yet.


Thanks so much!