Ten Things Our Family is Thankful for from 2010

1: Andy is thankful for our dog, Lincoln, and that he was safe this year and didn't run away.

2: Jonny is thankful for his cousins and that they are his best friends.

3: All four of us are thankful for one another, and our whole extended family (nuts and all).

4: Danielle (& I) is thankful that we were able to raise support for our trip to Swaziland, Africa this fall so that we could be so blessed in meeting the team and children of Bheveni.

5: I am thankful for a healthy family, and that we're all finished with hospital visits!

6: We are all thankful for our new home on Hazel Avenue East in Kimball!

7: We are all thankful for the friends who shared their Detroit Lakes cabin with us for a whole week this summer.

8: Andy & Jonny are thankful for their great teachers at school this year.

9: Andy & Jonny are thankful for a great birthday for Jesus this year and for so many generous supporters of their "Change Their Story" fundraiser this Christmas.

10: Danielle & I are thankful for the good friends we've met in our new community, and all the laughs they've shared with us.

It has been a full year with much to be thankful for. We have made some wonderful memories that we'll hold on to for years to come. Be blessed in the year to come!


Mike & Danielle

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