Eleven Things Our Family is Hopeful for in 2011

Yesterday our family had a nice dinner out together at a local favorite, Triple R. During dinner I asked for help in creating two lists. The first I shared yesterday, 10 Things Our Family is Thankful for from 2010. Today is our second list, 11 Things Our Family is Hopeful for in 2011...

1: I hope that we have more adventures and experiences together as a family. A few possibilities include trips to Duluth, camping, and an ocean visit, but we're open to whatever opportunities may come our way...the point is adventuring together!

2: Danielle & I hope to increase our involvement in spreading awareness of orphan and widow care, and mobilizing more people to take effective action. Some ways we will do this are through continued partnership with Children's HopeChest, leading another team to Swaziland in autumn, and spreading the message through whatever means possible. Keep up at Moms4Change.net.

3: Danielle & I hope to further develop Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, & Self-control, in the lives within our home. And you thought we had arrived already!

We hope to be good stewards of all of the resources we've been given. Time, talents, finances, relationships, health, and more...we want to make good use of our lives and belongings.

5: Andy & Jonny hope to do really well in school this year. And Danielle too!

6: We hope to increase in health, and participate in healthy activities. I have taken up a challenge from a friend to focus on the smaller decisions, and be accountable to one another for the next six months. January 1 started with Soda Prohibition.

7: The boys are hoping for a "really, really good Christmas next year too!" They already looked up a countdown to Christmas 2011!

8: Jonny, and the rest of us, are hoping that my brother and his wife's baby would be born healthy and safe this year.

9: Andy hopes that our dog, Lincoln, would not run away so much this year, and that he'd enjoy many bones!

10: Danielle hopes to grow a bountiful garden this year in the backyard. Got any tips?

11: That our times with family and friends would increase in both quantity and quality. We have had some great times, but always seem to go away thinking, "We should have done this sooner," or, "We should do this more often." In twenty-eleven, we hope to do both!

Pretty simple hopes for the upcoming year. We hope to live each day fully in God's plan and hope that you do too. Make some breakthrough's in 2011!

Blessings to ya!

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