Cut the Creativity Flab

What is your November filled with? Some will try to craft the next great American novel, others want to grow a very fancy mustache. Perhaps you're looking forward to Black Friday sales, or happy traditions with family the day prior.

November has often been a mixed bag for me. This year I'd like to move beyond some of the things out of my control and do some things I enjoy.

So here's the plan: A Thirty Day Creativity Sprint

This month I will focus on various creative endeavors and share them here. I'll focus on orphan issues, show & tell artwork, fun(ny) on and off the interwebs, thoughts on family, and a handful of book review'ish posts too.

So that's the plan, a thirty day creative sprint through November.

7 reasons why:
  1. I'm creatively flabby, it's not pretty
  2. Sharing in orphan issues is cool...and super important
  3. There are few great books that I'm reading right now...reporting will force me to finish them
  4. Face/Twit and I need a break
  5. I want your feedback on the good, bad, and ugly
  6. My mom likes it when I blog
  7. November has potential to be a fantastic month, or a cluster...it will be what we make it, right?!
I hope that you'll join me!

So really, what's your November filled with? Let me know in the comments please.

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