The Others: Sparks from the WWW

Do you remember the Others? Those folks on LOST who were both good and evil, always in plentiful supply, and able to add to and extend the story when plot lines failed? I liked those guys. So much easier to take than the visitors to Gilligan's Island who seemed to come and go at will, but never in a believable way. (You just realized that Gilligan's Island was the original LOST too, didn't you?!)

The following are my "Others" - interesting bytes from the World Wide Web to share. Some tasty, some fun, some oddities that only I will get, but here for your pleasure.

1) Last week as I began my 30 Day Creative Sprint, the following tweet was a nifty reminder.

Leo gave me a simple reminder that the best of intentions do not necessarily get the job done. If I'm going to press forward and actually attempt to use the talents and abilities I've been given, I need to do something! Wishing, hoping, thinking, talking...none are real ACTION! So, thanks Leo for the reminder.

2) Will Toyota change its name to Skynet?

/// I bumped into this video here. I thought it was incredibly cool to see the robots helping people walk, supporting them in a way that can give dignity to some undignified scenarios, and hopefully improve health and wellbeing in the future.

I'm also a wee-bit scared that one of these new robots may rip the future "Grandpa Mike" in half whilst setting him on the loo!

3) On my someday list: Re-learn to run barefoot /// I say "re-learn" because this is supposedly how we all pretty much ran before we started wearing running shoes with overly cushioned soles. Could be marketing, but it makes some sense when I watch the kids running around these days.

3) Another Twitter item for you...this one from me, then improved by the folks at POTSC.com. First, I was a little frustrated seeing that a couple of hashtags on Twitter.com were blowing up...both were mocking the Humphries/Kardashian breakup. So ///

Not surprisingly, I didn't get much feedback on these tweets into cyberspace which is totally what I expected. But yesterday, I came across this open letter and it added to my joy:

"A Letter to Kim Kardashian" by Mike Foster

I am not advocating or defending what happened in the H&K marriage. I'm saddened to hear of another marriage that didn't last. I don't know any of the specifics, didn't follow the wedding, haven't seen the show (as far as I know), and thought Kardashian was spelled Cardashian! (I'm not a fan.)

What I am advocating and hoping Christians will hopefully get behind is grace.

We need it.

I need it.


Without grace, I'm hopelessly lost.

So are you.

That's just the truth.

We miss the mark. We make mistakes. We are imperfect. We miss-judge people and circumstances all the time. And we followers of Jesus should be the ones that know and live in Jesus' grace more than others.

When a public figure mis-steps, rather than throw stones, question their motives, and act like we've got it all figured out, could Christians create a cushion of grace? Could we reveal to the world around us that we're not a bunch of self-righteous haters.

Let's show that we know the love of Jesus and we hope to share with those in need. Whether they be destitute orphans in Africa, or millionaires suffering through a Hollywood divorce, Jesus' grace, love, and mercy is for them...and so are we.
"Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other." - John 13:35 (MSG)
I'm sure there are some who would say, "Yeah, but what they did is sin! It's a mockery to marriage. It's wrong." They may be correct. But do we really think that those people don't know that already. When I've messed up, it doesn't help to have the world point it out. Often that will just raise my defenses. But when someone who cares, will lovingly share grace, mercy, love, and correction...that's life-giving!

What would Jesus tweet from Jacob's Well?

"This lady takes forever to bring me a drink #ThingsThatLastedLongerThanHer5Marriages"

No, Jesus took the time and cared enough to connect with the woman at the well. He identified her thirst, acknowledged her mis-steps, and offered her grace. To her and to all nearby who believed. Rather than create mistrust, and raise up walls of defense, Jesus brought grace and life to a village.

I hope that there are Christians who are near to folks like the Kardashians & Humphries, those in the public eye and under scrutiny, who will be supportive, offer grace, and help add life to their reality.

I hope that you will offer me grace when I need it. I need it now.

I want to offer grace to you too.

I'm a big fan of GRACE!

Jesus loves you and I'm rooting for you!


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