Something's Changed

It's been almost twenty years since I graduated high school. Seems impossible that it's been that long...and it seems like that was forever ago! If you knew me in those days, you probably saw me drawing or painting or pottering or doodling somewhere. In those days I focused much of my free time and attention on creating stuff. Some would call it "art," others "doodles," and others "waste of time." There's always critics!

I haven't been drawing near as much in the past ten to twenty years. My first twenty were filled with artistic endeavors, creative outlets, and some of the simple joys they bring. My last twenty have been less so. I've focused more on working for a living. Not complaining, just observing.

This week in the start of my 30 Day Creative Sprint, I've been attempting to draw again. And I've realized something.

I have forgotten how to draw!

My hands have stopped obeying my brain's instructions. It's alarming and a bit of a surprise. I knew I was out of practice, but I have always thought that drawing would come back to me. Kinda like riding a bike you know. This week has proven a flaw in my thinking. Apparently drawing requires me to practice, practice, practice!

Like most things in life I must use it or lose it. Other areas I must intentionally develop, or risk losing:
  • Physically: choose consistent exercise and proper nutrition, or choose flabby exhaustion
  • Mentally: choose to learn and challenge my thinking through reading, discussion, and turning off the television, or choose to be a cretin
  • Relationally: choose to connect with others regularly so that the relationships do not fade, or choose to go at life alone
Back to drawing. I hoped to show a small gallery of completed work. That's not gonna happen! But I will post this doodle from last night.

First the back story. This is what I want to look like when I go out hunting...

Image via Mathews Lost Camo at lostcamo.com

This is what I think I really look like when entering the woods...

"Stay Puft Marshmallow Hunter" - Brower, 2011

A Stay-Puft Marshmallow Hunter that literally glows in the dark!

That's my doodle for this Friday. Please understand, I'm not fishing for compliments here. When I say I forgot how to draw it's because what I'm showing here does not really resemble the image I imagined to draw. After several attempts at producing that imaginary image, this is what was left. Sorry if that doesn't make sense...maybe some artist out there can help me out in the comments!

What I've realized is that if I want to experience the joy that comes to me from drawing and creating, I need to put in the needed practice time. I have a measure of talent, maybe less than you, maybe more. Without determined practice and development, that talent will continue to dwindle.

Burning off some creative flabbiness is the reason for the 30 Day Creative Sprint. Time to break out of some ruts! Appreciate the public accountability too.

Thanks for listening!

Jesus loves you and I think you're pretty great too,


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