Faith Frames Our Focus

The other day while listening to Steven Furtick share a message titled, "The Frame Game," I heard him say something that's really stuck with me. 

"Faith doesn't guarantee your results. Faith frames your environment."

Faith is our filter and our crop. Faith is where we focus. Faith is how we choose to see our world!

When we see our lives through faith in Jesus we can know we are ultimately victorious. I don't mean victorious in a "We're going to Disneyland" sort of way. I mean victorious in how we approach life in the ups and the downs. Faith sees opportunities where fear sees obstacles. Faith says I can withstand any storm that comes while fear runs to hide. Faith sees God's plan at work when fear only sees chaos and upheaval. 

Let's choose faith! Let's look to what God says about us in our day-to-day challenges, wins, and losses. Let's trust God's Word rather than the latest bad report. Let's grab onto the good Jesus did for us and refuse to hold on to the bad our enemy planned for us. 

Here's a link to The Frame Game for you too! https://youtu.be/owyXEZUMoms

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