For My Friends

Friendship is not supposed to be transactional. If my like for you is based on your like of me, then our relationship is more symbiotic than friendly. Symbiotic relationships are great for business but make for lousy friendships. Eventually a symbiotic friendship becomes one-sided, or parasitic. The health of the host is jeopardized eventually and detachment is necessary for restoration of health to occur. In transactional friendship or relationship there's harmony only so long as there's balance of give-and-take, give to get is the rule and constant score is kept. Friendship that grows and gives life is based on love that chooses to give without condition. Ancient Greece had a name for this love - agape. It's a relational choice I make to show kindness and love no matter what. I'm your friend not because it helps me but because I hope to benefit you. I choose to give without expectation of any sort of return. I choose to live in service to others because I want to live and love like Jesus loved me. My hope is to be your friend so that someday I can be of benefit to you. To live as a source of encouragement, hope, and support, ongoing and without fail. I hope to never hurt or confused agape, unconditional, love with transaction-based relationship. I want to give until I'm utterly spent with Jesus' love!

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